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Sunday Jams at O'Hara's Irish Times in Pickering!

 Come for a pint and start counting down the days til

St. Paddy`s Day!  

Come early, come hungry, come thirsty! The best Guiness this side of Ireland! 

The countdown has begun! 



Celtic Cross, Mad Paddy and so much more!



Always the best entertainment in town, come early and enjoy a true welcome!


Thanks to the wonderful folks in Carman Manitoba who always give me such a warm welcome. 


And a Special Hello to Randy!  Hope your having a great day!   It was great to connect again...and I promise to let you know when I'll be in Manitoba again!








Congratulations to the folks who won

 t-shirts!  It was a pleasure to meet you!



Every Thursday is fun at the Irish Times in Pickering.   Live music starts at 4 p.m.  with the one and only BILL DUNN.  The open Jam starts at 8 p.m.  Bring  your instruments or sit in to sing a tune.  Always lots of FUN. 






Work has begun on the Jammers Album for O'Hara's Irish Times!   Fun Fun Fun!








2010 will be the busiest year ever for The Dead Dog Lady.  Please call early to book your event!

















Thursday October 29th 2009

Consider this your personal invitation to Jam

 at O'Hara's Irish Times

(in Pickering located on Bayly Street next to the Go Train)

Live Entertainment from 4 p.m. 

The Jam starts at 8p.m.

Come enjoy a meal and a pint


The world is a wonderful place!


And it is full of good people.


~Take time to appreciate a friend~



Jamming at O'Hara's Irish Times in Pickering - right next to the Go Train!


Thursday night and Sunday evening

All are welcomed to the circle, so come and join the fun!


The Dead Dog Lady will be in Winnipeg Manitoba come sunday.  Who will win the first bandana?!!!!!

The first person who spots me of course!




Check out



Operated by Wendy.....a fab service to pet owners.  She really cares about our pets! 



Congratulations to Jessica for getting first prize for best decorated car at the smashup derby at the ORONO fair!


You are a gutsy young lady!  You did us all proud! 

p.s. It was so much fun to be sitting with your cheering section, including your grandmother!  A big hello to you all!



The Dead Dog Lady is starting her Christmas Shopping!  Did you know you can find unique items at The PawsWay Gift Shop? Everything from custom jewelry to napkins to nightshirts and of course, my CD with a variety of tunes including several pet tributes.  Something for every Pet Lover on your List!


Greetings to folks from The PawsWay!

It was a pleasure to take part in your Artists Fair last  weekend. There were many talented artists on site.  Did you miss this incredible display of talent?  Fear not my friends...here are just a few of the links to artists that were showing their work at

 The PawsWay.





Art by Erick Cervantes - You have to see this gentleman's work to appreciate it!  He talents include Graphite Pencil Portraits, Acrylics on Canvas and more!  His SCULPTURES are something to behold.  You must see his work to appreciate the attention to detail!  He does custom sculptures of your pet. 



Pet Photography by Hans Sanders.  Located in Toronto and taking portrait appointments for Christmas! 



Check out Annie's Dandy Note Cards and Artwork. 



Christine's Picture Perfect Pet Portraits. Pastel portraits painted on velour, a memory that lasts a lifetime!



Pet Photography by Maayan Kasimov.  You must see the site!  Simply stunning!


Quin McColgan

You can see his work on display at  the Rainbow Cinemas at 80 Front St. East in Toronto until July 31st.   You can send him a message on facebook to see more of his work.




=Check out www.pawsway.com to see upcoming events. The weekend was well directed and orchestrated.  The staff at PawsWay are second to none!  It was a pleasure to sing at this event!

 A great place to grab a cup of coffee and your pets are most welcome!


The "Canadian Voices" weekend is upon us!  Come meet

The Dead Dog Lady

at the Paws Way at Harborfront in Toronto

on Saturday July 25 and Sunday July 26th!

Check out www.pawsway.ca



A wonderful day of music up on Chalk Lake Road!  It was great fun and it was great to meet so many musicians!  Haydee deserves a gold star for putting together a great day!

Special Thanks for all the well wishers on my recent surgery!  I'm back!

Free on Thursday nights?????  Come to O'Hara's Irish Times on Bayly street beside the Pickering Go Train Station!  Live entertainment with the fabulous BILL DUNN starts at 4 p.m. and the jam starts at 8 p.m. 






Good Times


A wonderful jam was hosted July 4th, at home of Mavis and Pat  in Bowmanville!  It was a superb afternoon and evening for all in attendance!  Thanks for having us!


The gardens were simply spectacular!  They have been on the garden tours many years, and now I know why!


I also had the priviledge to view several painting that Mavis has done. Incredible to say the least! 

TTo ALL the folks at Chartwell Retirement Residences and all the staff of Chartwell, Contratula tions on your 2009 Senior Star Competition!  I enjoyed judging the competition!  To all who took part A JOB WELL DONE!



World Memorial Pet Day 

Sunday June7th, 2009

Watch for 

The Dead Dog Lady 


 Paws Way 

Pet Discovery Centre

245 Queens Quay West




The Dead Dog Lady

 will sing her latest blues tune this Thursday at O'Hara's Irish Times 

on thursday evening!  


The countdown to Denmark is fast approaching!  I think there should be a couple of songs come out of this trip! 


Greetings to my friends from The One Of A Kind Craft show!

Mega Thanks to Teri at Continental Airlines for being efficient in every way!  



Newest work in production

"Sitting In The Doghouse Blues"

Huge Greetings to All the Family in Denmark! 

The Countdown Has Begun!!!!



It appears our long talked about project for  recording the core jammers is finally happening.   Brush up my friends......your turn at the microphone is coming up soon!




Work on the 2nd album is now underway.  All the tunes are written and now it is time to do the hard part......getting the recording done.  It is a huge amound of work!  Special thanks to Bill Dunn for the arragements.  Your work is beautiful Bill! 



A big hello to my friends at The Gibson Retirement Residence!  And to Tommy Guidon for adding to fridays entertainment!  We all love Tommy! 

He makes a fun evening complete!



Celebrate St. Patricks Day at one of our favorite Irish Pubs!  Celtic Cross and Mad Paddy are at The Irish Times in Pickering.....start time is 

2 p.m.!  Irish dancers are also putting on two shows!  Come one and all!   

Cheers to the wonderful folks from Newfoundland who cane to listen to the jam at The Irish Times.  Hope we see you there at your next visit to Ontario! 

Come to the Irish Times in Pickering right after the St. Pats Parade!  There is live entertainment and jamming!  Bring your instruments and join in all the fun!  A great warm up for this Tuesday ~ St. Patricks Day! 

Be there or be square! 

Greetings to Morris and the boys that were jamming at the Renaissance Cafe at Woodbine and Danforth and of course to the bartender Keelan!  It was great fun to jam with all of you!


See everyone at the Irish Times on March 12th!  

Bill Dunn plays at 4 p.m. followed by the Jam!  

Open for all!  Bring your instruments!


The Rovers Rest was a fun spot this week at the open mic night this week!  Hello to Joe and the gang!  Pick up your guitar in Scotland John and join in the fun! 


Special thanks to Chris at Sam's Club for helping us get the shelving unit onto that cart!~ Certainly couldn't have done it without you! I am sure you have a great future ahead of you with your ambition to work and get the job done!  Cheers! 


In Memory of Sheba

Always Loved 

Forever Missed



Have you lost your special friend? 

 Do you feel like a piece of you is missing? 

Nothing replaces the past.

But no one can take it away. 

Cherish the memories you have in your heart. 


There was a time when you ran to the drug store to pick up a bottle of perfume as a gift, and you just picked something off the shelf. Times are changing.  I was at the Shoppers Drug Mart  at the Steeple Hill Plaza, and had the most knowledgeable person in the fragrances I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with!  Her name is Wendy!  I hope you are rewarded for great service.  


Special Thanks to Rebecca, a

 Great Employee of the La Senza Liquidation Store in Pickering!  

She gave fantastic service! 






Watch for The Dead Dog Lady at 

World Memorial Pet Day in Toronto

on June 7th, 2009




World Memorial Pet Day is a  Special Occasion to Remember Your Pets.  We encourage you to come and share your special moments!  


We have 5 new nieces and nephews!  Welcome to the family folks!   

It was a dark and stormy night..............actually it was daytime and bright outside when a friend forwarded a document to us.  Low and behold someone was looking for us!  We responded and have  very exciting news indeed!  My hubby was adopted and his birth family has found us! 


Welcome to the family folks!  Kirsten, Karen and Katy are his 3 sisters!  Isn't that awsome!   Alexander is our new nephew! We are waiting for more updates and are thrilled at the prospect of meeting them all! 



Watch for The Dead Dog Lady at nursing homes, hospitals, jams and open mic nites!  That is a great way to hear my new material! 

Well folks, the time is flying by so quickly.  I am writing new tunes and am starting my second album. Lots of fun!  

Happy New Year to All


A special thank you to fans in Denmark for the lovely plate!  I will treasure it always! 

Ho Ho Ho!

Seasons Greetings to all our friends!


The holiday season is fast upon us. 
I would like to send a Very Special Hello to Kathy and to Millie.  

Please check out my "Under The Radar" page to find out how The Dead Dog Lady will play for special folks......at no charge! 




**** To All Friends of The Dead Dog Lady ****

My Father-in-law has passed away. 

We carry Him in our hearts. 

Thank You All for Your Thoughts and Prayers.


Updates will be suspended until November 15th. 


October 25th, be a part of the fun!

Come Visit The Dead Dog Lady


The Village Fair and Fete


This Saturday there is fun for everyone!  Put your pooch in the pet show friends!  There are some super prizes!  There will also be give aways through the day at The Dead Dog Lady Booth! 
Come one and All!  

Hi to all!   Back to the business of making music happen! 


The Alaskan Malamute H.E.L.P.  League is doing the annual fundraiser this weekend up north of Havelock at The Malamute Saloon!

Let's get up there and have a howling good time!


check out their web site at www.malamuterescue.com  and see the fabulous work they do 365 days a year!  This weekend event is called PacnPull and is great for families.  The two day event is only $20 per adult including the food!  COme on out and check it out! The Dead Dog Lady will be donating cd sales profits to the rescue this weekend!  A great time to pick up a gift for someone special! 





Special thanks going to Rosalinda for her unwavering energy when it came to our gardens.


Rosalinda took a look at our gardens, listened to what we wanted them to become...and then she created!  Incredible.  She did some sketches and we headed to a nursery for a minimal purchase for something to compliment what we already had growing. It felt like one of tv shows where they have to days to fix and create usable space!  

Voila, after some hard labor...and I mean hard labor, we moved rocks that were more like small boulders! 

In our back yard we have created a special "Memory Garden" .  When my Mom passed away we had driven home in a wicked  ice/snow storm. It was late November.  Realizing I didn't get my fall planting done I went to a nursery.  The good stuff was gone. There was one really bad looking rose bush.  The fellow talked me into it.  It was only a couple of dollars and he gave a guarantee that I could bring it back if it didn't flower in the spring.  That was all I came home with.  I prepared a spot in the garden and plunked it in.  It looked pathetic. A week later I looked out, and there was this beautiful single rose! It had yellow and peachy pink petals.  I stopped in my tracks and said "thanks Mom".  And this is how our Memory Garden came to be. Nikita, our first Alaskan Malamute, used to love the memory garden. It was one of her favorite places to lay . When she passed away, we put some special things in to honor her memory. 

Do you know how many songs I have written in connection with this memory garden?  Start counting. 



Check out www.heebnrob.com  

The Dead Dog Lady Loves the site! 

The Dead Dog Lady is working on some new tunes with a little of 

"The Wild Side of Life" 

Congratulations to Randy at Northern Edge for asking about 

The Dead Dog Lady!  Hope you enjoy the CD



Watch for The Dead Dog Lady in New York City 

this Labor Day Weekend, be the first to find her and shake her hand, and you will receive a special package!    


See You in New York! 



The Dead Dog Lady Fan Club goes to TIVOLI




Check out the Jam at O'Hara's Irish Times this thursday and catch up with The Dead Dog Lady

TheDeadDogLady hits the streets of Copenhagen


Hello Katherine!   It was great to chat with you at Mr.Sub!  

Remember to send me your address for your complimentary copy of my CD!


Spent the weekend with fabulous friends including our godson!  Had a great time guys!  Keep on smiling! (It makes everyone wonder what you are up to!)


Happy greetings to fellow travelers from the weekend!  Hopeyou enjoyed the cookies Etta!  And to Jennifer and Ed, hope you made it to the east end of Toronto on time! 

Welcome to our Danish friends!  We look forward to touring around Ontario with you!  Woof! 


The Dead Dog Lady will be jamming with the crew from O'Hara's Irish Times in Pickering on Thursday!   Be there or be square! 



New Tunes being written as you read this note! 

The next time you see her playing live, ask for her latest songs! 


The Dead Dog Lady will be in Smith Falls Ontario this weekend!  Be the first to spot her and receive a free CD!  


In the next 2 weeks, spot The Dead Dog Lady in Manitoba!  

Carman, Winnipeg, and Brandon Manitoba are all on her calendar! 



Special greetings to All my friends at all of Chartwell Nursing Homes!  I enjoyed every minute of being a celebrity judge at your talent contest which hast taken place all across Canada.  The talent I saw was inspirational!  Three stars to all who took part! And good luck to Ramy who is going to the finals in September!  Encore!!!


Meet The Dead Dog Lady 


Rover's Rest in Ajax


at Open Mic Night 

Wednesdays at Rovers Rest


The Dead Dog Lady will be playing with The Jammers at O''Hara's Irish Times in Pickering this Thursday evening.   It is located on Bayly St. next to the Go Train!  Bring your instruments and join in the fun!~  See you there!

Alert! Alert! Alert!






The Dead Dog Lady is in the news!

Jan 30th , 2008 Toronto Sun

Check out MIKE STROBEL's column!

For Added viewing pleasure check out the video clip on their website!   


Thanks To all who made this happen! 


The Dead Dog Lady was spotted Thursday Night Jamming at the Irish Times.   You can often catch her performing a few tunes Live with Bill  Dunn on Thursday afternoons!  He does all the arrangements on her CD. 



**** Don't Drive and Drive****






A special hello to all the folks I met at Artfest in Pickering!  

It was a fun day and a great way to check out local artists!   The entertainment was excellent!  The costumes for the various dancers were a site to behold!  


Special greetings to Francis, a fellow songwriter from Germany!  Perhaps Bavaria will be on The Dead Dog Lady Tour next year.

I will remember Autumn in my songs.  Please email a photo of Autumn and a few details to be on the Pet Tribute pages. 


Jean, I am glad you showed interest in my Under the Radar program!  I look forward to seeing you later in June! 


A special note to Linda and all who have lost a treasured companion and friend.  That empty spot in our hearts is never replaced by another. But in time it becomes easier to focus on the positive things they brought to our lives. 


To all friends of The Dead Dog Lady, please keep in mind that I will  glady do a cd cover featuring your pet.   For more details, email  Mary@thedeaddoglady.com




June 7th and 8th


woof  woof woof Woofstock !!!!!!!!!!


Meet The Dead Dog Lady in Person

at Woofstock  June 7th and 8th in Toronto! 

for details and a howling good time, check




Your Invitation to 


Saturday May 24th, 2008

11 a.m. - 5 p.m. 

Stroll the great outdoors at the Esplanade

Behind Pickering City Hall

 The first person to the hand  TheDeadDogLady at this event gets a free Doggie Bandana!



****Thursday May 22nd****

See you at O'Hara's Irish Times for the Jam! 



Now Available

FREE SHIPPING until May 25th, 2008

when purchased with a CD


The Dead Dog Lady has been playing Under The Radar in Copenhagen and loving it!  "I love the people I meet and always feel great when meeting people on my Under The Radar Program!"

The weather is fabulous!  Love the fountains in Copenhagen!







ICELAND AIR is launching their first inaugural flight from the Toronto Pearson International Airport Friday May 2nd....and THE DEAD DOG LADY will be on board!  

The Dead Dog Lady Has Guitar-Will Travel

The Dead Dog Lady is hitting the trail with her guitar!  Catch her in Copehagen and Reykjavik May 3rd-16th!  Upon her return to Canada, watch for her at Woofstock June 7th and 8th! Then she will be UNDER THE RADAR in Peterborough and Port Hope. 


Visit www.woofstock.ca for details!

For all the fans....keep watching here for photo's of 

The Dead Dog Lady on Tour!


Surprise question received from a fan....what does The Dead Dog Lady do with Nishka, her Alaskan Malamute, when she is on tour? 

Surprise Answer.... We have a live in sitter stay at our home so her routine in not interrupted! And I would just like to add that I even call our answering machine and howl to her so she knows how much I miss her! 


Come Jam at O'Hara's Irish Times in Pickering Thursday Evenings !!!!

The Dead Dog Lady will attend Thursday May 1st!  Come and join in the fun!

Woof Stock is June 7/8th!   Get Ready for a rockin' weekend with The Dead Dog Lady


Order with your CD and Save $$$




Is Happening 


Watch for new photos on this web site!

Woofstock is June 7/8th

Get Ready for a woof woof weekend with 

The Dead Dog Lady


Watch the web for DeadDogLady Logo

drawn by a local artist 




Come One And All



is having a booth at 



Check out www.woofstock.ca



I met up with Marilyn  in the Pickering Town Centre who was in Laura Secord's with her sister Arlene.  

Remember Marilyn...you promised me a ride when you go to visit Arlene so we can "go under the radar"  for  friends  of Arlene! 


The Dead Dog Lady recently had surgery on both knees.   I would like to thank those around me for their support and good wishes!



Thankyou to Friends of The Dead Dog Lady!  It was great to meet you in Toronto!  Thank You for supporting 


I hope you all enjoy the cd!   Remember to send my site to all of your friends!



Congratulations to our Canadian Olympic Representatives in HipHop/Breakdancing


To Jeff and the crew, you did a great job!  The performance was outstanding!  You make us all proud to be Canadians!  Good Luck in BEIJING!

Your Performance was simply incredible!  You make us proud to be Canadians! 



Friendly greetings to Sean who played guitar and sang one of his own tunes at O'Hara's Irish Times Sunday Jam! 

Great Job!

Jam this Thursday at O'Hara's Irish Times in Pickering!  Our faithful leader Mr. Bill Dunn is back!




A special thankyou to Mavis and Pat  for passing my cd to folks in Tyrone Florida!   

Cheers to John!  Great to have you come out to hear the jams and enjoy a pint!  





The Bar To Celebrate St. Patricks Day at is



On Bayly St. Beside the Go train! 




Watch Rogers Cable on Tuesday March 11th and catch  



Special thanks to Bill Dunn and friends of the Dead Dog Lady for being a part of, and attending  the live taped performance at O'Hara's Irish Times this past Thursday.  



O'Hara's Irish Times in Pickering.   Showtime for the masterful Mr. Bill Dunn is 4p.m. to be followed by.....The Irish Times Jammers!!!!!!!!!!  Bring your instruments, flutes, mandolins, banjos, guitars, shakers and voices. Everyone welcome for a great evening of fun! 




The Dead Dog Lady is back in the studio working on the next cd.  It takes a lot of time and effort but is a labor or love for me!  There may be a rumba feel to one of the tunes.  Nothing in songwriting says you have to stick with one style!  


Cousin Dale is here from Whitehorse!   Did a shop til you drop 3 day whirlwind..................who gave great service?  at the Dixie Outlet Mall, Karolina and Emily at Bentley, Sa;oma atJean Machine, and Dani at the Cinnabon counter.   Their smiling faces made it a great day! 

City News did a feature on TheDeadDogLady on Feb 25th.  It was great fun and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing my passion with the world! 


 IF YOU DON"T HAVE A VALENTINE......email me! and I will Be Your Valentine

Check out the CD Purchase Page Friends! 

I can Customize the cover in Tribute to Your Pets



The Dead Dog Lady chatted to some friendly folks that often frequent a pub in the Kensington Market area of Toronto.  Sure  hope you enjoy the CD and look forward to seeing out once again!  

Thanks in advance for spreading the word about www.TheDeadDogLady.com

The Dead Dog Lady had a little meet and greet at O'Hara's Irish Times last Friday.  Deb and her friends braved the storm to make her birthday wishes come true!  '

The Dead Dog Lady has a special work  in progress.  I write tunes of every dimension, and I have a new man-bashing tune on my horizon!  Stay tuned!


Cousin Dale is at it again!  A Cruise Director from Carnival Cruises now has the latest CD of The Dead Dog Lady!  I owe you a sushi dinner Dale!

Howdy Folks!  Check out the Toronto Sun Video of The Dead Dog Lady Interview, with special guest Nishka of The Great White North

My cousin Dale from Whitehorse was just here for a few days!  We had a blast hitting The Irish Times to listen to Bill Dunn, always a pleasure, and a Thursday night Jam. A visit to Toronto would not be complete without a visit to our favorite Sushi restaurant, shopping, and hitting the night life. 

 Dale is a spirited fellow and personally handed my CD to Rick Mercer and to George Stromboulopoulos when he went to tapings of the shows!  Thanks Dale!  


The First person to tag TheDeadDogLady in person will receive a free CD!   So....Tag.....You're It!


Watch for TheDeadDogLady at the Gibson Retirement home Friday January 25th, 2008!



Special thanks to all who purchased my first edition cd over the holidays!

Wishes to All for a Safe 

 Happy New Years Eve Celebration. 

Remember... Don't Drink and Drive


Had a lovely evening at the home of Syd the Kid.  As usual she was a grand host!  Her Christmas Open Houses are legendary at the very least!  


We had a great time over the holidays.  Starting with the VON Tea in Peterborough December 8th.  Mrs. Clause won my cd in the raffle, and I hope you really enjoy it. Those cookies you sent home with me vanished over night!   I look forward to visiting you again soon! 



We caroled on our street, and we  jammed/caroled at our home.  We had a good turnout and enjoyed everyone!   Thanks for making the holiday season extra special!  (Especially Curtis- Keep Smiling Buddy!) 

Your Drawings are still on my fridge!


We spent Christmas day with Jody and his family!  They have now "adopted" us for holidays! 


We attended a jam this past thursday night at the Irish Times, where I did my naughty version of Santa Baby.  It was a great evening.  



We are thinking that we will stay close to home for New Years Eve.   We often bring in some seafood, lobster, shrimp  etc. and have a nice evening at home.   Sometimes we are still up to ring in the new year.  We are in relax mode for the next few days...then back to the grindstone, working on the next album! 




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