What Is Rich and Famous?

This is an interesting question. Being honest, I wouldn't turn my back on cool hard cash, and notoriety is a good feeling.  But one must also take stock of their lives and define rich and famous as it fits into their own lives. 

 I am rich when it comes to friends, family, and folks who share my passion for my off the wall tunes.  It is truly an incredible feeling when someone recognizes me as The Dead Dog Lady.  When I play for kids with incredible physical burdens and they ask me to sing "It's Hard To Say Goodbye" with their pet's name in it, I still get choked up. When a follow up phone call from The Dead Dog Lady can brighten someone's day, my heart is overwhelmed.


If the world is my oyster, I'm still looking for the pearl.


I belong to the Alaskan Amamute H.E.L.P. League and enjoy being a part of their fundraisers!