It's Hard To Say Goodbye


Put  your head on the pillow my darlin'  

It's time to say our goodbyes

We have so many fears, 

cried a million tears 

How will we ever  survive


We want, just one more chance, 

to scratch behind your years 

And play in our silly ways

We want to hold you, and pet  you, 

just one more time 

It's so hard to say goodbye. 

When we walk into the room, 

and you lift your weary head 

It's like you're tryin' to say 

"It's okay Mom and Dad, 

we'll be together one day. 

I will love you forever, always" 


We could tell by your eyes you were hurtin'

there was only one kind thing to do 

'Twas to hold you close to our very hearts

Sleep gently, we'll always love you

You will always be our darlin'  forever 

You will always be here in our hearts

God Speed dear friend, 

Til we meet again

It's so hard to say goodbye 

It's so hard to say goodbye

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