The Dead Dog Lady's Bio

She is known as The Dead Dog Lady because  the first song she sang at a local pub was a tribute she had written for her own Alaskan Malamute Nikita.   Folks gave her the moniker "The Dead Dog Lady" and it stuck.   The rest is history.


The Dead Dog Lady was born on the Canadian prairies in the town of Carman Manitoba. Raised with three older siblings the household was always brimming with activity.

 Her favorite foods are ice cream, fries with gravy, and raspberries. Some things never change. 

She attended Carman Midland Collegiate excelling in the music program. At the age of 17 she completed high school, and started traveling the world taking her guitar with her. 

Over the years she has traveled five continents and written over two hundred songs. She says her traveling days are something she will never give up. That and her guitar and her guitar of course! 

The Dead Dog Lady believes in giving to others. She started a program she calls "Under The Radar" where she personally visits folks of all ages  that have no way to hear live music.   She visits their hospitals, nursing homes and private homes taking her guitar with her.  She sings a few tunes and disappears into the night. 


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