The PMS Song


Itís been a six cupper morning, 

Take this as fair warnin'

It could be pms But donít put it to the test

If you want to live to see the morning


You changed our plans for no good reason

And it feels like you committed treason

So watch your step bout now , Or Iíll trip you up somehow

Itís not hormones, it's the season


In the spring they call it cabin fever

So be careful what you say Iíve got the kitchen cleaver

Itís quite the stress reliever

Oooops it could come your way



I may look a little frumpy  After 5 pounds of chocolate I feel dumpy

 Donít call me brat, for godís sake donít call me fat

Or I will make you stumpy


Itís a six cupper morning  Take this as fair warning

 It could be pms

 But donít put it to the test 

if you to see the morning


I need me one of them triple chocolate donuts 

Let's go for coffee girls!

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