It Ainít Right


Lookin out the windowwhat do my eyes see

Who is that pretty thing hanginí off your sleeve

  It ainít right,  no no no  it aintít right

 Iím putting you on notice Your not sleeping here tonight


I picked up the telephone when the phone did  ring

Baby you were flirtiní with some chick

Youíre knee deep in Doggie doo  

Youíre gonna get whatís comminí to you 

It ainít  right,   Youíre not sleepiní hereÖ.. tonight ÖÖÖÖ..


Picked up that piece of paper I found it on the floor

You biní sendiní flowers but not to me no more

It ainít right   no no  no   it ainít right

Iím puttiní you on notice   youíre not sleepin' here tonight


I see you  drivin round in your fancy automobile  

You left me the bicycle   I donít have two wheels, 

It ainít right,  No no  It ainít right 

Iím putting you on notice,  youíre not sleeping here tonight


Instrumental Solo


You tell me you are working late  you practice to deceive

Youíve told so many  lies what am I to believe

It ainít right  no no no it  aint right 

Iím putting you on notice you arenít sleeping here tonight.


Donít even be thinking about staying here tonight 

Take those flowers with ya when ya go

leave the caddy in the garage   you take that bicycle built for two

Whatís that on your collar?   Is that lip stick on your collar 

Barbeque sauceHoney  what ribs you been kissin, 

Beef or pork


Your belongins   ÖÖ.I guess you could come by early Saturday morning, buyíem all back at that big garage sale Iím haviní

Your big screen tv, your golf clubs

I shoulda just got me that big olí hound dog like my mama said,

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