Alert! Alert! Alert!

To all I met at woofstock....a special hello 


I would like to say Hello to a lot of special folks and their awsome pets. 

Metzie, I loved your picture and the email!  You made my whole day.  I was very touched for you taking the time to send it!   Take good care of your master!  He deserves the best!  And I hope you stay in touch! 

Robbie is a delightful young man!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend!  It was a pleasure to meet you. I hope you like the cd! I saw you wear the bandana both day!  You are awsome!


I  would like to thank all of you for giving me your best friend's names! 

A true friend is never forgotten. They are always in our hearts. 


So many wonderful pets and their best friends paid a visit to The Dead Dog Lady at woofstock last weekend. 

Nikki and Austin were great buddies.   

Laika, Cruz, Turbo and Darla. was simply beautiful.

A big Hello to Ricola, Smudge, Maggie and Finn.

To Gus with the blue hair and Lilly - a woof!

Copper and Baby - you were delightful.

Chance and Gamble - Cute doesn't do you justice!

Maeb, Pandi Tater and Simba - cute beyond compare!

Starr, Denali, Molly Nicky and Mickey - you were looking your best!  

Abbey, Hem and Perro were with Susan and Ken and they looked like they all enjoyed the day. 

Thank you to Mimi Crazy and Storm for Visiting the Dead Dog Lady booth! 

WIlly, Sienna and Penny Lane were super friendly. 

Diamond, Brixton, Diesel, Marie Sammy and Skylar - friendly greetings!  

Bailey - a Mini Poodle and master Marie paid a visit to my booth!   

Ryley, a sibe-husky mix was adorable. 

Chelsea has such beauful eyes. 

Angel - I am sure you live up to your name every day! 

Coco, Sophie, Ruby and Charlie are just so cute! 

Puddles Tara and Howard have great personalities. 

WOOF WOOF to Smudgle, Maggie, Finn, Jerry and Mickey. 

Bailey - your "Aunt" has 3 wonderful dogs as well. And I wish you all a fun sumer.

To Mr. Peabody and Biggles...keep out of mischief!  

Hello to the fluffy puppy Kristin. 

Caicos-a sweet name for a sweet dog. 

Nikko, Zsa Zsa , Zoe and Simone...you have a great Mom!

Lucy, Chico, Emma & Abby - I swear you could all 


Delilah - you bring so many good things to your master.  Your sisters Angel Baby and Sage are waiting for you over the rainbow bridge. 


Skyler and Apollo were friendly and fun. 

Charlene...I look forward to amking your cover! 

Ara, Pash and Schewster!  What pretty names for pretty Poochs!

Kody, Georgie, Bijous, Tag and Tiny visited my booth and Tiny told me a joke.   What does every house have in common?  A Roof! Roof Roof!

To Rubee, Jasmine, Hugo Maple and Lily I send a huge hug! 

Precious, Roxy, Dyno, Oscar Chubby and Naughty dropped by for a cookie. Rupert, Meaghan, and Beckham and 2 cats named Garfield and Gilligan bring endless joy to Colleen.  Colleen has started DOGMATES.   Check it out! 

Ziggy it was a pleasure to mean you and your Mom!

Edgar, Elsa, Holly, and Cinders....I am sure your Mom had some samples home to all of you!

Lucy and Higgins were a job to have visit! 

Jikong, Jijou Cuddles and Zen were a site to behold!

Shiela Darcy and Appa - what beautiful names! 

Howdy to PRetty Baby the Cocatiel, and dogs Pocket and Snowball and a cat named Baby!

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The Dead Dog Lady was in Peterborough Ontario December 8th! ~  Did you can spot her?



The Dead Dog Lady was spotted  in ElmCreek Manitoba......Could it really be her?

~Alert ~

The Dead Dog Lady was spotted in the Sears Catalogue Outlet in Carman, Manitoba.



There are several reports that the Dead Dog Lady was spotted in Carman Manitoba, and they were right!  She was In Concert Nov. 19th and 21st. She was also spotted  Carman Memorial Hospital, The Boyne Lodge, Parkview Manor, and several  private homes playing "Under The Radar".  

*****  Under The Radar *****

is a  program started by The Dead Dog Lady.  She travels to private homes, nursing homes, senior centers, community programs, hospitals etc. and play for folks.   She does not accept payment for these events.  The "Under The Radar Program" is totally funded by sales of her Cd.   Order her First Edition CD through the PURCHASE PAGE on the web site.


~ Alert ~

The Dead Dog Lady was spotted at a West Jet Counter at Pierson Airport in Toronto! That lucky fan will receive a complimentary cd ! for 




The Dead Dog Lady was spotted handing out Halloween Candy to all the spooks!



The Dead Dog lady will be in Peterborough Ontario "under the radar"  on Tuesdays October 16th.   If you spot her, send an email to Mary@thedeaddoglady.com


A fabulous fundraising weekend at the Malamute Saloon 22 klm north of Havelock Ontario.   All  funds raised  go  to  the ALASKAN MALAMUTE H.E.L.P. League.   This is the Dead Dog Lady's favorite Cause!  

~ Alert ~

The Dead Dog Lady was spotted in Wilson's Leather store in Buffalo New York on September 15th!  Watch for her newest cover shots in the latest fashion! 


The Dead Dog Lady will be  jamming at 

the Irish Times in Pickering Ontario this Thursday!  

See you there!



The Dead Dog Lady played a hot tub gig! 

 How cool was that!



If you could climb the fence you could have joined 

in a jam session on the deck in 

 Dead Dog Lady's backyard


The Dead Dog Lady was spotted in a Japanese restaurant and she was into the sushi!



The Dead Dog Lady was spotted playing

 a guitar on a bus in the Peterborough Region! 



The Dead Dog Lady was spotted on the Danforth! 

~Alert ~

The Dead Dog Lady was spotted in Napanee Ontario

in June

She had such a good time it was Baaaaaad!  I was feeding the lambs!



Happy Birthday Canada

The Dead Dog Lady was spotted at Algonquin Park and at

Canada Day Celebrations in Whitney Ontario!



The Dead Dog Lady was spotted performing at O'Hara's Irish Times 

in Pickering at 7p.m. Friday May 25th.